What is a Christian soldier to you?

In the widget above, type in the first three things that come to mind: type in one word at a time and hit Enter or Return, then the next word. If there is a complex phrase that comes to mind, then use quotation marks (") around the phrase you want to enter. Try to use single words though, just get as basic as you can imagine.

No response is right or wrong, this exercise is just meant to draw out our thoughts and feelings, what we associate with this term. Once you have written down three things, look them over and think about whether they tend positive or negative, if you think this concept is generally a good thing or a bad thing. Consider who you know who may be described this way, and if you like them or not, and your reasons why.

For some, the term “Christian soldier” has positive moral connotations, there’s a certain pride or excitement that is evoked. It may even feel redundant, as though by saying “Christian” you also imply “soldier” or vice verse.

For others, the term draws up profoundly negative moral connotations, and just seeing it in writing may conjure up feelings of indignation or revulsion. The two words may seem mutually exclusive, as though by saying “soldier” you undermine any and all association with the word “Christian”

To a select few, however, the term is inescapably personal. Christians soldiers past & present know that who and what they are is complicated, that armed service and Christian faith runs deeper than caustic ideologies and political divisiveness. For those who have served in a military and also identify as Christian, the term “christian soldier” is not a metaphor, but a material reality. These are the people we want to introduce you to in this course.